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3 Signs it’s time to see a physio

A physiotherapist works on a woman's shoulder

Living an active lifestyle Can mean that sometimes we can get a few aches and pains! Sometimes however we do need to book in with a physio to help us get rid of them.

If you are a bit sore from biking, running, swimming, or aerobics you need to keep an eye on your body and decide if just resting will help the issue or if the next step further and seek professional advice from a physio, in case what you are dealing with is actually an injury.

If you keep on training incorrectly with an injury you will only make it worse so book in to see us today if you notice any of the following signs…

1. Bruising, swelling, heat, and/or discolouration

If you experience any of the above then take this as a warning sign that something is not right!

2. Persistent pain

Is it just tightness or the beginning of a muscle tear? Is it just an ache or the sign of a bony injury? Listen to your body! If it doesn’t feel good, stop!

3. Resting isn’t making it better

If you have had a few days of relative rest and have been avoiding any painful movements, but are still experiencing pain when returning to exercise, then this could be a sign that you need to see a physio, so you can get proper advice on how to manage your injury.

In summary, if you are experiencing some aches and pains or even muscle soreness, it’s still OK to be active as long as you avoid any painful movements. If after a few days, you haven’t gotten any better, then it’s time to seek further advice on injury management from your physio, so you can get back to feeling 100%.