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Home Exercise Programs

Active exercises and stretches are used to regain range of movement and restore normal function following injury.

Home exercises commence as soon as possible within the limits of comfort. As symptoms improve progressing range of motion without symptoms should be a sign of improvement.

Clear and simple exercise sheets with photos or videos are used to guide you with the correct technique and prescription of frequency and intensity.

Stretching has a number of possible benefits such as increasing flexibility, increasing muscle relaxation, decreasing muscle soreness, improving circulation, and helping prevent the adhesion of scar tissue, and in the case of post-surgical recovery can help promote a strong flexible scar.

At Hobsonville Physiotherapy, we utilise technology to help guide you with your exercises. Medbridge enables us to email you a link with all the details and descriptions of your exercises. Most have a video to ensure you get it right.

We have an association with Anytime Fitness in Hobsonville which enables effective rehabilitation utilising the best of equipment.

We can guide you through exercises for home or in your gymnasium or work closely with a trainer to help achieve your goals.

A person sits on a mat at home, stretching their arms

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