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Sports Injuries (ACC provider)

Sports Physio is a specialist field of Physiotherapy that focuses on the injuries and dysfunctions associated with the sport.

Understanding the biomechanics, specific pathologies and rehabilitation protocols to enhance recovery and return to optimal performance.

All of our Physiotherapists have worked with Sporting Bodies from local clubs and travel with National and International teams.

Sports and Sporting Bodies that our staff have worked with include:

  • North Harbour Rugby
  • Australian Triathlon Federation
  • National League Football NZ – male and Female
  • West Auckland Triathlon – Black Sands Triathlon Club
  • New Zealand Football Ferns and FFDP squads
  • Netball Northern
  • Auckland Branch Sports Medicine NZ – Executive member

Injuries resulting from forces and loads that are specific to the sport have patterns to their behaviour and recover best when you know best practice with rehabilitation.

Whether the goal is for best rapid recovery or management of an injury to permit continuation, there are some important considerations that are specific to Sport Medicine

A woman is lying on an exercise mat, performing a leg and arm exercise.

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