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Continuous use of mobile phone goes hand in hand with new pathologies of smartphone thumb

A young person is holding and using a cellphone in one hand

A study on the pain at the base of the thumb shows that continuous use of the mobile phone goes hand in hand with new injuries of the thumb.

This research carried out has identified a generational change in the use of the thumb due to the influence of new technologies.

There now appears to be a direct correlation between people’s occupation and the cause of their thumb pain. It is indeed our daily activities that are engendering changes in the physical position of the thumb, which may have an influence on its future evolution.

This injury is more commonly known now as iPhone tendonitis!!!

Generationally today from a young age, the pinch grip position of the hand for writing is not used as much as before, at school or within the wider world. However, there has been a rapid rise in touch screen tablets and phones and typing on the laptop which have changed both the position and repetitive usage of our thumbs.

These changes in the use of the thumb have led to some suggesting alterations in the evolution of the hand itself. This prediction is based on looking at what happened in primates’ brain when they came down from trees and their brain structure changed as they began to use their hands to carry out different functions that we have continued with until this point in time. Now we are seeing another evolution due to the advancement in technology

With this in mind physiotherapists such as ourselves here at Hobsonville Physiotherapy are working to develop our knowledge of this progressive smartphone-related pain and although there is no specific treatment script as yet apart from reducing your use of such thumb-tiring devices, our aim is to give you the appropriate care and treatment and appropriate home exercise program to get on top of your pain and keep you in the technologically advanced world!