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Helping older people stay active at home

A group of senior women are doing floor exercises on yoga mats

While we are all locked up in our bubbles it is not just the swimmers, runners and cyclists that need to scratch that exercise itch ….it’s everyone!

Therefore the awesome CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotheapists, UK) has adapted a simple set of exercises designed for older people to help prevent deconditioning whilst living in isolation. And they want it shared! Lets keep people moving- very locally!

Developed by physiotherapy experts the exercises will help older people stay strong, improve mental health and prevent falling.

There are lots of ways that you can see the exercises in different formats:

  • Share the URL with links to an animation and an A4 printable poster www.csp.org.uk/easyexercises
  • Share the animation
  • Share each of the six exercises separately on Twitter or retweet @theCSP tweets using #StayInWorkOut
  • Use Facebook to post the exercises with your friends and family.

We all know how important it is to keep active when ageing and it is more important than ever whilst so many people are living in isolation. So try these exercises once a day to pass some time and keep fit!