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How do I give my hips and knees the best chance of survival?

A physiotherapist works on a person's knee

As we age it is unfortunately inevitable that some wear and tear changes happen to our joints.

Osteoarthritis is the medical name for these changes. Mostly this process plays out as a natural part of aging and is really nothing to worry about (no more than wrinkles!). Sometimes osteoarthritis can become painful. This is usually when our patients present for physiotherapy. While we can’t cure arthritis, there’s plenty we can do to help manage it in terms of exercise and lifestyle adjustments. Joint replacements are often discussed as a potential last resort!

For this reason, regular general exercise for at least 30min a day accompanied by a specific strength program focusing on your quads, core and butt muscles can take some pressure off the sore joints, and make them last longer. Physios specialise in prescribing exercise programs specific to your needs of pain management and general conditioning.

Your general health and well-being also play a huge role in the comfort and health of your joints. Your GP is your best port of call for general checkups and pain relief. Now may also be the time to assess your diet and making small changes to this can reduce the load on your joints by reducing your body weight.

We know that people who make a sustained effort with their general fitness, strength, general health and lifestyle can put off joint replacements for years, or even get rid of the need altogether.