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Squeaky knee

A physiotherapist works on a patients knee

A study released shows that physio is just as effective as surgery in patients with meniscal tears and arthritis of the knee!

The study showed no significant differences in functional improvement after six months between patients who underwent surgery with postoperative physio and those who received physio alone.

This demonstrates that surgery may not always be the best first course of action. A physio, in many cases, can help patients avoid the often unnecessary risks and expenses of surgery.

The findings suggest that a course of physio may be a good first choice and help surgeons, physicians, physios, and patients in decision-making regarding their treatment options.

Three hundred and fifty-one patients aged 45 years or older who had a meniscal tear and mild-to-moderate osteoarthritis of the knee were assigned to groups who received either surgery and postoperative physio or standardized physio. Within 6-12 months, patients who had physio alone showed similar functional status and pain improvement as those who had undergone arthroscopic partial meniscectomy surgery.

Patients who were given standardised physio, including an individualised treatment and a progressive home exercise program had the option of crossing over to surgery if substantial improvements were not achieved. A massive 70% chose not to take up the surgery option at the six-month mark.

This demonstrates that potentially millions of people globally are being exposed to potential risks associated with surgery that may or may not offer specific benefits but with much higher expense to the patient.

Physios are experts in improving mobility and restoring motion. The individualized treatment approach is very important in the early phases of rehabilitation in order to achieve desired functional outcomes and avoid setbacks or complications. So don’t fear the worst come and see one of the team here at Hobsonville Physiotherapy, and let’s work together to find your “Freedom in Movement” and avoid the surgeon’s knife!