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Hip pain is not hip

Hip pain can be very uncomfortable and very demobilising.

What Are Shin Splints?

If you experience very sore shins during or after a running-based activity then you could have shin splints.

How do I give my hips and knees the best chance of survival?

As we age it is unfortunately inevitable that some wear and tear changes happen to our joints.

3 Signs it’s time to see a physio

Living an active lifestyle Can mean that sometimes we can get a few aches and pains! Sometimes however we do need to book in with a physio to help us...

Top Tips to stay healthy and fit moving into winter

It’s been a hot, humid summer, shortly, however, it’s that time of year again when the seasons start to change and the temperature starts to drop – winter is coming!...

Trips and Tricks

Sprained ankles are one of the most mishandled injuries out there.

Could lack of sleep be the cause of your back pain?

Sleep we always seem to need more of it! Unlike animals who dedicate almost 1/3 of their life to it, we humans use every excuse in the book from triple...

Long Covid: the facts and the figures

Long COVID has been defined as the presence of signs and symptoms that develop during or following an infection that continue for 12 weeks or more.

Muscle wasting of old age and ways to stop it

​According to the latest research, the muscle wasting that is associated with ageing has been attributed to loss of nerves.

What you should know about achilles tendon pain

Basketball fans around the world were recently sickened by the footage of basketball star Kevin Durant’s Achilles tendon rupturing during a game.

Squeaky knee

A study released shows that physio is just as effective as surgery in patients with meniscal tears and arthritis of the knee! The study showed no significant differences in functional...

Returning to exercise after pregnancy

Exercise can help you recover after childbirth, make you stronger and improve your mood.